The Special Victims Bureau investigates and prosecutes all sexual assault cases, regardless of the age of the victim, and also investigates and prosecutes all incidents of harm to children who are under 13 years of age at the time that the perpetrator is apprehended, including cases of physical abuse and child fatalities and homicides. Assistant district attorneys in the bureau are trained in dealing with these especially vulnerable victims, and the bureau works closely with the office’s Victim Services Unit.

With regards to sexual assault cases, the bureau, in addition to investigating crimes reported directly to the police, also investigates reports that have been referred to the bureau by the State Central Registry and the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the NYC School District, as well as reports originating from many other sources.

With regards to cases involving child victims, the bureau investigates the thousands of abuse and neglect reports made through the New York State central child abuse registry and it works closely with the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center (a multi-disciplinary partnership which includes representatives from the Administration for Children’s Services, the NYPD’s Brooklyn Child Abuse Squad, the not-for-profit service agency Safe Horizon, and medical professionals). Assistant district attorneys thoroughly investigate each case, which often includes observing and conducting forensic interviews with the child victims, and taking defendants’ statements. The bureau strives to provide a child-friendly atmosphere, so that it can vigorously prosecute these cases while also protecting young victims from further traumatization.


The Human Trafficking Unit vigorously investigates and prosecutes those who, through such means as psychological and physical coercion, beatings, extortion, starvation, confinement, and compelled drug use, have forced individuals (often young girls and women) into prostitution. The unit’s staff also engages in community outreach by conducting meetings at schools and community centers to educate Brooklyn residents on the dangers of sex trafficking and on how to look for warning signs that a person might be a trafficking victim.  The office’s 24-hour telephone hotline number to report incidents of human trafficking is (718) 250-2770.

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